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Chapter 6 – Body Fixing Holes

Posted: January 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Time to mark out and drill all the holes for mounting the body down to the chassis, first the body was squared up on the chassis by taking measurements from string lines at each wheel arch back to a fixed point on the chassis, i used the hubs and parts of the chassis for double checking.

Happy it was as close as it could be (give or take a mm or so) a couple of holes were drilled so the body could be clamped in place with the seatbelt eye bolts. Then the forward 4 x bolt holes were drilled to bolt the steel scuttle hoop (bonded into the body at the factory) down to the chassis this was done by drilling up through tubes welded to the chassis where the bolts would fit into.

Now happy that the body was firmly clamped in place 180 or so holes were marked out and drilled into which the rivets would be put a bit later on (Managed to do all the holes with the same drill bit! – had to resharpen it a few times though!)






Chapter 5 – Body Down

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With the Engine panels bonded, its time to drop the body back down again to the chassis ready for the next step which will be attaching the body permanently to the chassis.



Also had a bit of a polish up!


Whilst waiting for a good day to start drilling the chassis fixings i have mounted the engine on the stand so i can swap over a few bits and finish off painting the block.





Now that the engine bay panels have been fettled for a better fit, its time to bond them in permanantly.

First the GRP body was keyed for a better bond.


Then with copious amounts of Wurth PU adhesive the 5 panels were bonded into position and clamped up to cure.